All Trails Lead To The Brewhouse!

IT’s that time of the week where our new weekly blog brings you bang up to date with everything that’s happening at The Allanwater Brewhouse….and boy have we got plenty to talk about!

First, we wanted to share some memorable moments from Barbara Nisbett’s wonderful performance in front of a packed and standing room only Brewhouse audience last Thursday!

Our first pic from a night that will linger almost as long as a pint of our immortal Pot Black (!) shows Barbara in full flow in front of our enthralled and suitably lubricated patrons!

But while the Americana Angel was undoubtedly the star of the show we also like to share some credit and the at times heart-rending lyrics of ‘The Americana Angel’ were accompanied by a peerless performance by Malcolm Webster who is pictured below, as caressing the steel pedal!

Of course, our audience was full of local celebs and here we have one of Babs most ardent fans and a Brewhouse regular, no less than the Dean of Stirling Guildry Mr Alastair Gammack, who, as you can see from the pic, made sure he snapped up a signed copy of Barbara’s latest recording ‘Right as Rain’.

Such is Barbara’s renown that word of her appearance reached the ears of one of her neighbours from Austin Texas, Mr Zach Bowles! But before you ask in amazement did Zack make the 4664-mile trip to see the Georgia belle tear it up…. we must be honest and admit that Zack, who is pictured below, now lives in Glasgow!

Of course, any performance, no matter how excellent, is only as good as it’s reviews and we were…err…well…. beside ourselves that the Georgia gal was given a big thumbs up by our fantastic local paper The Stirling Observer!

A huge thanks to the Observer’s reviewer Mr RJ Mitchell for his eloquent prose! (pictured below) All at The Brewhouse would like to wish RJ the very best with his forthcoming crime thriller ‘The Shadow of Fear’!

Now it’s time to move swiftly on!

In association with our friends at CAMRA, we are proud to announce that three old Brewhouse amigos are returning to hit the trail….’The Mild Trail’ to be precise!

This weekend spanning Fri (May 11), Sat (May 12) and Sun (May 13) CAMRA’s campaign to get real ale drinkers re-engaging with the ‘Mild’ version of the frothy brown stuff (not sure about this..feel free to change!) launches.

The Brewhouse will be one of 12 ‘watering holes’ strategically placed along ‘The Mild Trail’ to ensure drinkers are not left in dehydrated delirium but while our fellow ‘pint stops’ are proffering just one pint of mild we have gone for the full metal jacket triple-hitter approach!

We are delighted to announce that pints of Maple Mild (dark & interesting with a wonderful Maple syrup aftertaste), Chocolate Mild (overflowing with rewarding chocolate flavours) and our distinctive traditional 60 shilling (a not to be missed classic from a traditional Scottish recipe) will be pulled for your drinking delectation!

Now feast your eyes on these bad boys!

If you want to wet your whistle with these legendary Brewhouse brews then why not, after you’ve finished reading The Good Beer Buzz, of course (!), click on our Brew of the Week video blog for a visual feast that will leave you positively drooling at the prospect of draining a drop of these three timeless classics!

But of course, while The Brewhouse is sure to be busy with gasping CAMRA Cowboys who have moseyed in off the Mild Trail we will also be presenting our usual musical mavericks this weekend!

So, if you fancy the very best in Americana and contemporary why not drop in on Saturday night for Amy & Drew who will treat you to an evening of easy listening bliss!

While on Sunday May 13 we are delighted to present our house band ‘The Jazz Pack’ who will take the stage with their usual eclectic ensemble at around 4pm until 7pm! (not sure I picked this up correctly please confirm…)

Phew, all that wordsmithing has left this old ombre positively parched so if you don’t mind it’s time I hit the Mild Trail!

Until next time…Adios Amigos!