Beer and Cheese Tasting Evenings at the Brewhouse!

HAND-CRAFTED Artisan cheese is a wonderful and diverse dairy product!

Traditionally paired with the likes of crackers, breads and wines, here at the Allanwater Brewhouse we have begun to pair exquisite and eclectic cheeses with our own range of traditionally brewed beers and ciders!

The result truly is a match made in heaven… henceforth, The Brewhouse now hosts a Beer and Cheese tasting night every first Thursday of the month with our next evening on Thursday, May 3.

When you feature a night like this it’s vital that your host is full of passion for his subject and in Joe Herbert, The Allanwater Brewhouse believes we have secured a cheesemonger who is…well…no ordinary Joe!

Hailing from the West End of Glasgow’s most renowned cheesemonger, George Mewes, Joe specialises in selling unusual cheeses and takes great care in selecting only the finest artisan cheeses from Britain and across the continent to feature at our taste-tickling sessions!

There is no doubt that being at the forefront of operations, Joe has the ability to pick the choicest cheeses available to bring to the tasting table. From moreish cheddars to mellow blues and earthy Goudas to floral soft cheeses our evenings have the lot.

But when your cheese is then paired carefully by flavour profile to the appropriate beer by the Brewhouse’s Head Brewer, Jonathan, a magical flavour sensation unlike anything else is created.

The theme of last month’s tasting evening was ‘Booze’!

Joe brought in seven cheeses which all had a relation to alcohol, one of which was Strathearn, a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from Scotland, which had been washed with whisky.

This was beautifully paired with our premium whisky blonde ale. The rich, lactic, tanginess of the cheese married perfectly with the smooth, warming honey and butterscotch notes from the beer resulting in a truly noteworthy pairing.

If you love beer and cheese, or simply want to try something new, then this is definitely the night for you!

The number of places for the evening are limited and must be booked in advance. For further information, or to book a place, simply get in touch with us by phone on 01786 834555, email us at [email protected], or contact us through social media!

At just £15 tickets our unbeatable value and are also available at the Brewhouse bar

Of course we like our patrons to grin rather than bear it, so we’ll finish with a jest!

“What kind of cheese do you use to lure a bear out of a cave?”



The Allanwater Brewhouse hosts the

“Beer and Cheese tasting night”

on the first Thursday of every month