Wee Guinea

The ultimate session beer. What this beer lacks in ABV it more than makes up in its flavour profile. Citrus and floral aromas compliment the perfectly balanced malt profile with hints of biscuit and toffee. A gentle bitterness in the finish makes the last quaff of this moreish ale every bit as rewarding as the first.

Wit Pot

People often ask if we named this after ‘What’ we put in the beer but it actually comes from an old dutch/belgian recipe for white beer.

Wheat beer flavoured with orange peel, coriander and liquorice


Whisky Pot

Combine the whisky chaser into one glass and enjoy the mellow whisky flavours without the burn!

Strong dark and rewarding matured in wooden whisky barrels

Wheat Pot

If German style beer is your thing then give our version a shot! Cloudy and light gives it a distinctly Germanic feeling!

Golden in colour with a distinctive wheat beer style, aroma and flavour

Thai Pot

This beer is Douglas, the master brewers favourite and the one he’s most proud of. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

A burst of lemongrass and ginger with a coriander aftertaste – the perfect combination

Rhubarb & Ginger Pot

Instead of making all our local rhubarb into a crumble we thought it might work as a beer. The ginger gives it that little extra kick that we’re sure you will love!

Golden beer brewed with stewed rhubarb and fresh root ginger


For all the beer that students drink instead of studying not many can say that they drink their own recipe beer.

Stirling Uni Craft Beer Society brewed to reflect their desire for a very hoppy IPA

Pot of Gold

One of most popular brews at the Brewhouse. A strong, crisp Ale that’s easy to drink on a hot summers day or a cold winters evening and all days in between!

A hint of lime makes this a great tasting premium blonde beer

Pot Black

Even if you’ve tried Guinness and it’s not your thing this will change your mind about stouts. Creamy, refreshing and very drinkable, try it at least once!

Deep notes of coffee, chocolate and roasted barley make this stout rich and fulfilling

Marmalade Pot

Paddington Bears favourite beer once he has finished all his sandwiches. The tangy taste of seville oranges makes the beer a refreshing choice of brew

A deliciously hoppy blonde with a dominent bitter orange peel taste

Nettle Pot

Unlike the the nettle plant this won’t leave sting your mouth but it will leave it tingling for more!

Green beer brewed only in spring with the freshest young nettle shoots

Mango Pot

Make it seem like summer all year round (even in Scotland) with our exotic tasting Mango Pot!

An exotic moreish brew made with pure mango fruit

Lavender Pot

Just because it’s made with flowers don’t think that only girls can drink it. Although you do have to be pretty daring to try this bold flavour!

Light coloured beer percolated with fresh lavender flowers

Lapsang Souchong Pot

An unusual choice of beer flavour but worth taking the leap of faith with. Nevermind having a cup of smokey tea, enjoy our beer instead!

Permeated with the smokey and mysterious flavours of pinewood

Hogmanay Pot

Bring in the New Year with Hogmanay Pot, guaranteed to start the new year with a bang!

Strong dark and rewarding beer matured in wooden whisky barrels

Hop Nouveau

Hop to the front of the queue this season with Hop Nouveau. With uniquely bitter taste this is a once a year opportunity.

Brewed with the first crop at harvest time using the freshest hop heads

Gold Pot

One for the cascade hop lover, a refreshing session beer with a taste of grapefruit


Game Pot

Take your wellies off after a long day hunting in the fields and enjoy our speciality stout – Game Pot. No animals were harmed in the making of the beer

Rich dark stout conditioned with game spices

Earl Grey Tea Pot

Don’t be fooled into thinking this drink is just for old ladies, anyone who likes a good strong cuppa will enjoy!

Blonde hoppy beer infused with tea and bergamot orange rind

Czech Pot

Step out of your lager comfort zone and try our Czech Pot. Once you taste this, you will be an ale drinker in no time!

Pale yellow in colour and hop flavoured in Czech style. Clean sharp and refreshing

Christmas Pud Pot

Instead of mince pies out for Santa this year why not treat him to a bottle of our Christmas Pud Pot. We’re sure Santa won’t complain!

Seasonal spices, raisins, citrus fruit peel and laced with brandy

Chilli Pot

If you order mild korma from the curry house steer clear of Chilli Pot. Made with Scotch Bonnet chillies it’s guaranteed to make your eyes water!

Chesnut coloured beer with fresh chopped chillies.

Bramble Pot

A nice easy introduction to real ale if it’s your first time, this blonde beer is bursting with flavour and character!

Wild and fresh, a taste of the Scottish hedgerows with locally picked fruit

Beetroot & Black Pepper Pot

The marmite of beer, you will either love or hate this. Unusual in colour and even more unusual in flavour!

A pink flavoursome beer with a heated aftertaste

Banana Pot

Take yourself to a more exotic climate with our Banana Pot. A premium golden ale that can be enjoyed guilt free as our bananas are all Fair Trade!

Gold in colour and packed full of bananas to the taste. Sweet and a’peeling!

5 Spice Pot

Enjoys flavours of the orient with our 5 Spice Pot, a creamy and dark, enjoy this with or without a chinese take away.

Rich dark stout conditioned with Chinese 5 spice

90 /- Pot

Traditonal 90/- beer, a slightly stronger beer full of flavour!

Golden in colour with a rich and rewarding honey and light caramel flavour

Choc Pot

Traditional 80/- beer, our Choc Pot is named after the chocolate malts we use to brew it. It has rich smooth appearance and taste and will satisfy many a beer drinker!

Chocolate malt lends a great depth of flavour to this traditional Scottish recipe