Climb Every Mountain!

WE thought we’d kick-off this week’s Good Beer Buzz with something a little bit different and also pay tribute to one of our ain!

Brewhouse boss Callum Baptie (pictured above) has been a noticeable absentee from his place behind the bar as he has been engaged on an epic trek to raise money for ‘Action Against Hunger’ by ascending to the giddy heights of the base camp situated on the globe’s highest mountain….Everest!

As Brewhouse owner Douglas Ross revealed old Ted Moult (remember him?!) was definitely right when it comes to Everest fitting the best: “Everyone at The Brewhouse is really proud of Callum. His mission on behalf of Action Against Hunger has taken a year in the planning and has raised a four figure sum for the charity and rising!” said Douglas.

The big fella continued: “To achieve his target of making base camp by trekking through Nepal and ascending Everest to a height of 17,600 feet, or almost five Munros high, despite the worst efforts of the monsoon season, is just a fantastic effort from Callum and his team.

“We are all really looking forward to Callum’s ‘killer stories’ being shared over the bar when he gets back!”

Well one thing’s for sure Callum might have been almost drowned in Nepal but in BofA he’ll never have nae pals!

But after scaling the heights it’s time to return to business!

Tomorrow night our popular Open Mic session will kick-off hosted by the Brewhouse’s very own flame-haired chanteuse Mo, pictured below, and as always we’re sure to have a wide variety of performers taking to the stage for your delectation! So, pint in paw, make sure you draw up a chair just before 9pm.

Now at The Brewhouse we like to provide value for money and as if that wasn’t enough the prime time Saturday night slot of a busy weekend will be filled by not one but two Thomsons!

Yes, we are really excited to welcome Brewhouse favourite Tom Tomson and his son Mike (pictured below) who will be joining us on The Brewhouse stage in an evening of full-throated vocals and duelling guitars that is sure to bring your Saturday night to a suitable crescendo.

As if all that wasn’t enough our team have been involved in a top secret mission to source the most aromatic Hops this side of the….Ochills! (not that we’re obsessed with the peaks!)

Well, actually, Master Brewer Jonathan Sharman was forced to go on his own epic trek all the way to….Herefordshire…in search of the fabled new season super fresh Hops that have allowed us to make this week’s Brew of the Week.

As you can see from the pic of Jonathan (or young Arnie!) below, gazing lovingly into the greenery, it was a moment that left him wickedly hoppy but also keen to wax lyrical: “Our Hop Nouveau has been created with a nod to the Beaujolais Nouveau wine. The new season Hops are picked straight from the hop fields of Herefordshire and believe me when I say they yield up to 60% more flavour and aroma than dried Hops.

“So Hop Nouveau is a once a year stunning pale beer that is bursting full of flavour that will leave even the most thirsty of drinkers sated…believe me!”

The good news is that you will be able to catch the full tasting note and visual drinking experience by clicking our Brew of the Week video blog positioned elsewhere on the Brewhouse website and starring the brewer with the hairstyle all the way from the wilds of Borneo, yes you’ve guessed it, the permanently parched Adam John Paterson… we recommend you do!

All of that has left us determined to take our own Action Against Hunger…throw another banger on the Barbie Adaaaam!

As they say at the end of the best cartoons….that’s all folks!