Tales of the Unexpected!

NOW everyone likes a Tale of The Unexpected and The Good Beer Buzz was shocked when the….er, well….unexpected…news reached us that Roald Dahl’s eponymous late 70s series is soon to be revived by the same production company that lists The Night Manager & The Little Drummer Girl to its credits.

Over the nine years which the series, based on Dahl’s short stories, aired, a who’s who of British acting legends like Sir John Gielgud, Dame Joan Collins and Michael Gambon appeared but while The Allanwater Brewhouse doesn’t have uncle Roald to conjure up a Tale of the Unexpected we do have Tom Thompson, pictured below, and we are delighted to announce that ‘TT‘ will be filling our headline slot this Saturday with his totally ‘UNEXPECTED‘ list of cover versions, originals and never to be forgottens.

The one thing you can EXPECT from this Brewhouse legend is that Tom’s penchant for all things Britney Speirs is sure to be filling our airwaves but don’t one worry it’s never ‘Toxic’!

Following hard on ‘TT’s  heels  will be Mr John Boyd, whose Tuesday night session continues to attract a loyal and growing following and who can blame them when John produces heart-rending interpretations of timeless classics like Waltzing Matilda that will leave your flabber well and truly…gasted!

Of course, while we can guarantee our permanently parched patrons the very best in local musical talent we also pride ourselves on the quality of the brews we will be pouring to help you reach that rare state of intellectual equilibrium that would have uncle Roald puffing on his walnut pipe in delight!

All of which takes us to this week’s Brew of the Week, the economically(!) named Wee Guinea!

This little temptress is pictured above and weighing in at 3.2% Wee Guinea may be light on alcohol but packs a punch on the palate. Factor in the nice nutty malt undertones and the lingering citrus finish and you are left with a pint of liquid nirvana!

Naturally Wee Guinea will be making its debut on our Brew of the Week Vlog which is featured elsewhere on www.allanwaterbrewhouse.co.uk.

Moving swiftly on we were delighted to receive a visit from weightlifting royalty when a charming young lady called Rima Baki dropped in for a private tasting of our unique brews.

Rima had come all the way from old London town, by way of Edinburgh and, as you can see from the pic below, big-hearted Brewhouse boss Douglas was ‘delighted’ to take Rima on a ‘brewscruise’ of what’s pouring at the Brewhouse!

The lovely Rima, whose mum is from Dundee and father from Syria, is, would you believe it, the British Power Lifting champ at 63kg but don’t worry we are reliably informed she was gentle with the big fella!

Now we wanted to share news of something that is incoming! Made from eight different local varieties of Stirlingshire apple, The Brewhouse Seasonal Cider is a thirst-quenching delight that will leave your senses fizzing!

It will also soon be making its way to the bar so stay tuned for news of the Seasonal Cider’s arrival here. Indeed we looked for a picture of our delicious hand foraged apples but sadly…wait for it…found we were onto plums!

Well now it’s time to look back at the week that was!

While one of the most musically diverse weekends we have produced at The Brewhouse kick-started with our famed Open Mic Friday session the volume really got turned up on Saturday when, pictured below, Brewhouse favourites Amy & Drew took to the stage for a set of staggering vocal dexterity that had a packed audience…well…beside themselves!

Sunday was of course time for our resident lounge lizards The Jazz Pack to turn the dial back down. Fronted by the hugely talented Laura Hill, one of the highlights of another flawless set was surely ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ which was rapturously received by ‘The Pack’s’ following!

Before we go it’s time to remind members of Bridge of Allan Sports Club that they will be rewarded with a free drink on production of their BOASC membership card at The Brewhouse bar…unbelievable we know!!

Now this one’s a real tall tail (!) as it turned out David, our beer ambassador and Ailsa the Brewhouse mascot, found themselves deep in a bout of jaw jaw over their favourite episode of…yes you’ve guessed it ‘Tales of the Unexpected’!

“So what’s your favourite episode Ailsa? asked David before adding: “Surely it’s gotta be The Luncheon?”  But after a snort of derision Ailsa ‘Wink(ed) Three Times’!

As they say in all the best cartoons ‘That’s All Folks!’