The Autumn Triple Hitter!


THIS weekend is the busiest yet in The Allanwater Brewhouse’s Autumn Season and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Of course, Friday nights wouldn’t be Friday nights without our legendary Open Mic session hosted by the Brewhouse’s very own flame haired princess Mo!

Starting at 9pm Mo, who is pictured below in full flow, will look forward to welcoming a variety of performers to the Brewhouse stage varying from the talented to the tortured but each equally welcome to strut their stuff!

So, if you have a secret desire to out your inner X-Factor, tomorrow night at 9pm we will look forward to welcoming you to the stage!

But our primetime Saturday night slot this week is reserved for a laid back acoustic mixture of bluegrass, old time and traditional Celtic music….yes The Dapper McDans, who are pictured up top, are back by popular demand!

Now, The Good Beer Buzz would like to share a little secret with you regarding this weekend’s headliners….the origin of their name!

Heard of the George Clooney film ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ Nope neither had we! But in this modern cinematic classic (maybe that is over-egging the pudding!) gorgeous George uses a hair cream called…you guessed it….’Dapper McDans’ and that combined with the classic American roots soundtrack was where the legend was born and our top of the billers got their name!

As if all that wasn’t enough, Sunday night at 7.30pm The Brewhouse will welcome former legendary Clydesiders frontman and mandolinist Dave Whitton who will host our Traditional Folk Music Night with all welcome to this open sesh!

That, we’re sure you will agree, is why The Allanwater Brewhouse is Central Scotland’s foremost live music venue!

But all that foot stompin’ can make you mighty thirsty and it’s just as well that our triple hitter ‘Trial Beers’ are still going down so well. That said we fully expect that within 24hours the limited supplies of Red IPA, Pale Ale & Blonde Beer will run dry!!!

All of which brings us nicely on to this week’s Brew of the Week!

The Brewhouse is proud to present our ‘Green Hop: Hop Nouveau’. Created from these beautiful fresh Scottish hops of the season pictured below, this means that Hop Nouveau contains the full flavours and aromas of the natural hophead.

Most beers are usually created using dry hops which can mean that up to 60% of the volatiles are lost and so with Hop Nouveau we have an exceptionally refreshing blonde beer, which weighing in at 4%, we can promise you our beloved beer brethren, an amazingly hoppy aroma and sensational double hop aftertaste!

If all that wasn’t enough you can get the full visual & sensual experience on our Brew of the Week Vlog featured elsewhere on The Allanwater Brewhouse website.

The Good Beer Buzz always likes to take a wee look back at the week that was and it’s fair to say we are already looking forward to the return of Edinburgh’s Christian Todd!

We’ve had many fine debuts at The Brewhouse but Christian had a packed audience enraptured and it’s fair to say that his Michael Jackson a cappella medley and in particular his cover of the MJ monster hit ‘Man In The Mirror’ is a memory that’s already immortal!

Without doubt this was a debut that definitely left us all with a case of ‘Haste Ye Back’!

But ‘Afore Ye Go’ we always like to showcase the skills of our multi – talented staff and last weekend our brewer extraordinaire Adam John Paterson, he of the permanently parched disposition, made his debut as MC for Stirling’s Tolbooth.

AJP is available for funerals, weddings and bar mitzvahs and we’re sure you will agree his red velvet jacket is a thing of beauty but where was the Dapper McDans when you needed it sir?!!!

Until next time!