Time To Howl At The Moon!

WHAT a week we have in store for you at The Brewhouse!

On Saturday night we are delighted to welcome a new face to the stage for our marquee 9pm slot when Daniel Mooney will tread the boards with his eclectic set of acoustic standards which specialises in Sounds of the 80s.

A Stirling man by birth Daniel, who is our poster boy above, has exiled himself to the wilds of Alloa but he will break out from the wee county to join us on Saturday and treat us to a treasure trove of 80s classics spanning household favourites like Erasure, A-ha and Tears For Fears.

The Good Beer Buzz has heard that the young fella’s version of the Paul Simon classic ‘Call Me Al’ might just be the show stealer, to avoid disappointment we suggest you head along to your favourite venue early on Saturday.

Of course with the clocks falling backwards on Saturday night we thought it was important to embrace the descending darkness by selecting our immortal Pot Black as the Brew of the Week.

Pictured below Pot Black is a hugely complex blend of six different malt barleys and a whole host of porridge oats which provides a sensationally dark malty beer with a distinctive stout roast barley finish….parched?!!!!

If you want the full low down on Pot Black check out our brew of the week vlog elsewhere on our website, where the always avuncular Adam John Patterson will, naturally, be waxing lyrical!

Of course Halloween falls on Wednesday and The Brewhouse will be holding our annual fancy dress party which kicks off at 7pm and finishes around 11pm.

No Adam…a red velvet jacket isn’t classed as fancy dress!

If you enter into the spirit of things and come along dressed to the nines you will enjoy a free pint while the outstanding costume of the evening will be rewarded with a case of classic Brewhouse beer…if that isn’t enough to get you reaching for your glad rags and handbags what is?!!

To mark the occasion the Brewhouse has been busy preparing a supply of our immortal Aleoween Beer (pictured below). This once a year favourite is derived, surprise, surprise, from pumpkins and is, we promise you, a beer like no other that packs enough bite to leave Dracula pale with envy and searching for a new set of fangs!

So please don’t be shy and make sure you join us for one of the highlights of the Brewhouse calendar which we guarantee will leave you wickedly hoppy!

While we may be almost beside ourselves with excitement at the week ahead it’s always important on The GBB to recall the week that was, which as it transpired was an exceptionally busy one, despite, or perhaps because of the October holidays.

Last Sunday we were joined by a steamed up group of 36 rail enthusiasts who made tracks to The Brewhouse from around the UK for a tutored tour and tasting session.

As you can see from the happy faces below were all on the same train of thought and our rail enthusiasts voted The Brewhouse beers, naturally, to be first class!

Last weekend we also hosted a superb Friday Open Mic session with the show very much stolen by the taking to the stage of Brewhouse favourites Amy & Drew who are fast gaining a reputation as The (Stirling) Shires!!

But before we go we will leave you with a tale that is sure to give you paws for thought!

It’s been a harrowing time for the sensitive soul that is Brewhouse owner Douglas Ross after his beloved black lab Ailsa went ‘walkies’ without permission while the big fella was up to his neck in pumpkins!

Despite hunting high and low Douglas was left barking up the wrong tree as Ailsa had apparently disappeared into thin air all of which left our increasingly frantic owner to put out a series of increasingly desperate APBs (All-Pooch Bulletins!) for his prized pet.

Yet with the big fella’s bottom lip now starting to quiver quicker than a plate of chivers jelly this apparently disastrous dog day turned out to have a hoppy ending when news reached The Brewhouse that a suspect, who bore a remarkable resemblance to Ailsa, had been collared at the local hound pound by our friends at Police Scotland.

Happily below we can share with you an exclusive picture as a shamefaced Ailsa gets ready to provide her prints before supplying Randolphield Police with a…wait for it….DUG SHOT!!!

Until next time…as they say in all the best cartoons…’That’s All Folks!’