To Cut A Long Story Short!

THE ALLANWATER BREWHOUSE is delighted to announce that we have pulled off a major coup in attracting a major name to our much sought after Saturday night top of the bill slot!

Yes, it’s ‘True’ Taking to the stage just before 9pm on September 8 will be Steven Kemp!

But before you get ready to charge ‘Through the Barricades’ no Steven isn’t the third of the Spandau Ballet Kemp brothers but a hugely talented Stirling singer songwriter, whom we are confident will wow you with his acoustic pop, rock & Indie set and also gain a firm place in your affections with some of his self-penned compositions such as ‘The Rise & Fall’ and ‘Slow’.

But while Steven will occupy pole position this week 24 hours earlier our ‘Open Mic Friday Night’ we are confident will entertain, surprise and quite possibly, if our very own Mo (pictured below) picks up her guitar, enchant you!

Of course one of the highlights of The Brewhouse week is the unveiling of our ‘Brew of the Week’ and when it comes to this week’s creation you’re onto plumbs….

As you know we pride ourselves on our creative and imaginative approach to brewing!

So, this week’s Brew of the Week will be the ultra imaginatively entitled ‘Plumb & Custard Beer’! Before you choke on your petit pois let Brewhouse owner Douglas Ross provide you with a brief but admittedly mouth-watering tasting note: “Prime locally sourced Stirlingshire plumbs have been infused into one of our specially selected Golden Beers and laced with Vanilla Pods to create this amazing Plumb & Custard Beer!” well said big fella!

For a full review please check out our Brew of the Week video blog which will be posted tomorrow and stars the permanently parched Adam John Patterson, the Brewhouse brewer who’s creative juices refuse to stop flowing!!

While of course at The Brewhouse we aim to make sure that your whistle is always well wetted, every Sunday at 2pm all the way through to November, our sensational late summer barbecue will be sizzling away so if you fancy a late brunch take a butchers below!

 The first Sunday of the month is going to be a busy day at The Brewhouse as our ‘Sunday Session’ Folk Music night kicks off at 8pm this Sunday and we are delighted to announce it will be hosted by former Clydesider legend Dave Whitton!

We are also pleased to report that with Autumn now officially upon us our Brewery Tours are still proving staggeringly popular…especially by the time you get to the end of them!

So much so that you really should use our funky new on line booking system, installed by our brilliant tech genius Fiona Dawson of unavoided.com, at www.allanwaterbrewhouse.co.uk if you want to avoid disappointment!

But the Brewhouse has also been busy making the news this week and we were delighted to feature in both the front and back pages of our superb local newspaper The Stirling Observer!

Naturally we will start at the back and as you can see from the pic below, The Allanwater Brewhouse is delighted to have agreed to become the new sponsor of Bridge of Allan Sports Club’s squash teams!

So it’s back to Douglas who seems to have rekindled an old flame: “This really is like the re-kindling of an old flame for me. I go back along way with Bridge of Allan Sports club having been involved with the club’s legendary ‘Fluids’ touring team of the 80s and 90s. I have looked on keenly as the club has become resurgent and now I just thought it was the perfect time to come on board and really support BofA,” revealed Douglas.

He added: “The club’s squash teams achieved so much back in the 80s when they dominated Scottish squash with legends like John McGhee, Costas Yarrow and Peter Fairley and it has just been fabulous to see the club resurgent in the pages of the Stirling Observer.

“For me on a personal note I am really excited to position The Allanwater Brewhouse as the Bridge of Allan Sports Club squash team sponsor, as everyone knows squash players are thirsty creatures and I am sure we can help address that!”

Heaven save us from thirsty creatures indeed!!!

But we will finish this week basking in the glow of our triumphant end to the summer, ‘Top of the Hops’ which as you can see from the Observer below, received a five star review from our crime writer in residence RJ Mitchell: “The Allanwater Brewhouse’s ‘Festival In a Day: Top of the Hops’ proved the ideal way to  draw the summer season to a close, with a triple-hitter bill of local talent that left the venue’s patrons delighted and confirmed Bridge of Allan’s hidden gem as one of Central Scotland’s top live music venues.”

You just couldn’t make that up!

That’s All Folks!