Trying Times!

FROM time to time at The Allanwater Brewhouse we think it’s important to canvas the opinion of the most important people in ‘da hoose’….our patrons!

So, we are delighted to announce that over the weekend we will be continuing, while stocks last and barrels groan, a special trial of three unique beers we have very high hopes for!

Brewhouse Head Brewer Jonathan Sharman, who is pictured above with his three amigos, in an outfit bequeathed to him by his late great uncle Val Doonican (pictured below), has laboured long and hard to create three exceptional, as yet unnamed brews, which we are proud to proffer this weekend.

Much like Uncle Val, Jonathan has rightly been ‘Walking Tall’ after, The GBB is assured, a torturous final tasting session gave the green light for their public presentation.

Now, our head brewer is confident that once tasted these brews, as Mr Doonican would say, will ‘always be on your mind’: “What we have here are a Pale Ale, Blonde Ale and a Red IPA, which I’m 100% confident will provide our distinguished customers with a uniquely distinctive drinking experience and we are really keen to gain their thoughts on these three,” said Jonathan.

But the big question young Mr Sharman, is, what can we expect from The Three Amigos? “The Pale Ale weighs in at a tigerish 3.6% and for the permanently parched among us, (Adaaaam!) you will be treated to a teasingly light brew with hints of citrus with a biscuit finish that doesn’t know how to disappoint!” thirsty dear reader…we insist you read on!

Next Jonathan turned to the Blonde Beer: “The key to this beer is the new age hops that bring bucket loads of moreish citrus floral to the taste and at 4.2% this blonde packs a little bit of a punch!” waxed Jonathan.

Last but by no means least, comes the Red IPA: “At 5% we have a stunning IPA that will taste like nothing you have ever savoured before….and that is something that two of our tasters told me midweek, completely independent of each other. This one is incredibly complex on the taste with hints of caramel, butterscotch and perhaps even Hibiscus and I’m really proud of it!”

Well said young sir, your Uncle Val would be equally proud of you! But before you prepare to lay siege to The Brewhouse for this almost mythical drinking moment, why not click on our Brew of the Week blog where the amazingly avuncular Adam John Patterson will be mixing his metaphors in a state of unashamed drooling as he ponders these pints of liquid perfection!

As all readers of The Good Beer Buzz will know The Brewhouse is a regular and consistent supporter of new and emerging talent and that is why we are delighted to welcome a fresh face to our top of the bill Saturday night slot.

The hugely talented singer songwriter Christian Todd, who is pictured below, will be taking to our stage just before 9pm with his eclectic mix of covers and originals.

For some of the more venerable of our patrons Christian may evoke memories of T-Rex Marc Bollan but if you’re not a dinosaur (!) then perhaps Lenny Kravitz may be who springs to mind.

But either way we’re confident that Christian’s new release ‘What’s The Rush’ will go down really well while his acoustic version of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ may have you reaching for the mistletoe early!

Before we go it’s important that we record our grateful thanks & hark back to a superb weekend of live music last time around.

A youthful Open Mic Friday session had a distinctly student feel to it but we reckon the man of the Friday moment was ‘Big-Beardy’ (pictured below) who delivered an acoustic performance of lung-bursting gusto that was hard to beat!

Just 24 hours later Brewhouse stalwart Tom Thompson was joined on stage by his son Mike for last Saturday’s Marquee performance and ‘The Thompson Twins’ (pictured below) didn’t let us down!

A packed Brewhouse audience had their flabber well and truly gasted as the Thompson’s pulled musical rabbits out of the hat from all angles. It’s hard to decide which song was the show stealer between the unique ‘version’ of the Britney hit ‘Oops I Did It Again!’  or a mind-blowing version of The Coral’s ‘Up In My Lonely Room’ but the consensus of opinion was the latter just about shaded it!

Before we go there is just time to remind you that stock of our triple hitter trial beers are strictly limited and you would be advised to make your way to The Brewhouse bar sooner rather than later.

But as they say in all the best cartoons…..That’s All For Now Folks!