Whatta Bangin’ Weekend (with no G!!)

WE are delighted to say that our sun-kissed ‘Beer, Cider & Banger Festival’ had it all…leaving The Good Beer Buzz with one big problem….where do we start?!

So, when in doubt let the boss do the talking…here’s owner Douglas Ross with a succinct summation (try saying that after three pints of Procrastination & a Hoppy Highland Coo Banger!): “Pardon the pun but it really was a bangin’ weekend…with no G as Steve Wright would say!

“For a start we couldn’t have wished for more in terms of the weather! With the sun shining bright and our enhanced range of 16 beers and summer ciders combined with BofA master butcher John Cullen’s legendary bangers topped with our amazing caramelised beer fried onions, there were an awful lot of happy punters around last weekend…and that’s what it’s all about!”

Now the big fella can wax lyrical but one of the features of ‘opening night’ was that we had several local groups and organisations descending upon us, ranging from local football teams to the ‘august’ committee members of Bridge of Allan Sports Club and below please meet Bridge of Allan’s (Sports Club) very own president Walter McAllister…& friends!

But while the food and drink was…well…wonderfuel(!) the music was simply to-die-for!

Again let’s hand the mic back to Brewhouse owner Douglas: “On Friday night our Open Mic session was definitely stolen by the hugely popular Amy & Drew. These two talented young people are very much a home grown BofA act  and the intensity of the emotion they incorporated into their performance was really memorable but there were a number of other fine performances on Friday!”

Eh voila! Pictured below just before they brought the house down with a performance that left more than a few eyes moist are indeed Amy & Drew in full flow…the good news is they will be back!

However an honourable mention must go to Keir Murray-Kirk, whose quasi-psychedelic keyboard playing seemed to summon the very ghost of Jim Morrison back up through the Brewhouse floorboards!

Below is a rather imaginative picture of Keir taken from a pintseye view…but can you guess the type of pint in so soft focus?!!

On Saturday night it was the turn of a new act Ivins & Son to make all the world seem like a stage!

Well when we say ‘new’ you might recognise Brewhouse favourite Luke Ivins pictured on the left on his harmonica but now meet his dad, Stuart… believe us when we say he’s no Cowboy!

But what made this performance sooooo special was a unique feature called a ‘Mash-Up’ in which Luke & his dad performed a song which consisted of the music to the Johnny Cash classic ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ set to the lyrics of The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’…believe us when we say it was…well… just Wizard!

Not to be outdone house favourites ‘So What’ brought the curtain down on a hugely enjoyable weekend with their rendition of the timeless classic ‘Wagon Wheel’ providing a fitting finale to help our punters roll off into the sunset!

The good news is we will do it all over again!

But now it’s time to return ‘Back to the Future’ and tonight it’s ‘Open Mic’ once again at 830pm while tomorrow evening Falkirk’s favourite songbird Fiona McTaggart will take to The Brewhouse stage at 9pm for another set of Americana and easy listening classics.

Of course if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a pint and watch the World Cup then The Brewhouse big screen will continue to be in action throughout Russia 2018.

While our huge popular brewery tours will also continue to run and if you fancy booking a berth just call us on 01786 834555, or email us at [email protected].

Well as they say in Mother Russia ‘Proshchayte druz’ya!’